Tuesday, June 5, 2007

paris hilton in solitary

Above: PRISONER 9818783 (Paris Hilton). Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, June 4th, 2007.

Paris Hilton is being held in solitary confinement "for her own protection" at the dreaded 'Century Regional Detention Center' prison for women in Lynwood, Los Angeles. She will be locked a cell less than 100 square feet (12 x 8) for 23 hours a day.

In the mug shot above, released by prison/concentration camp guards yesterday, there may be signs of physical abuse in Paris Hilton's bottom lip; it looks swollen and bruised as if she has been hit in the mouth - or has been biting her lip a lot.

Meanwhile it emerged that under the harsh regime, which some say is worse than a communist prison camp in Siberia during Stalin's rule, Paris will be only getting one hot 'low-sodium' meal a day, and will not be allowed to eat pork or beef - only chicken, and it won't be 'free range' that's for sure.

Here at the 'schmoo safe house' we will be sticking by Paris Hilton during her cruel solitary incarceration in the inhuman American prison system, along with 2 million other poor(er) souls.

Although certainly not up to Papillon's awful 'Devils' Island' experiences, or as great an injustice as Nelson Mandela's imprisonment by the S. African apartheid regime, but Paris Hilton's imprisonment and psychological torture at the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California), will hopefully expose the evil US penal system as the sickness in the heart of America that threatens a major coronary.

No matter how long they lock her up - schmoo will be supporting the wonderful Paris Hilton.

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