Tuesday, June 5, 2007

diana documentary: death of a tv channel?

Above: Princess Diana death; sometimes no one can agree.

SECURITY is being increased tonight at the schmoo broadcasting 'safe house' in central London, as packs of media wolves roam the streets, howling for blood, and vultures circle, hoping for death - perhaps the death of Channel Four.

Despite pleas from Prince Harry and Prince William, the rogue TV channel is 'on the run' after refusing to back down from showing film footage for no good reason, which is allegedly of Princes Diana's last living moments, as she allegedly lay dieing, allegedly after an accidental car crash, which allegedly was organised by Prince Philip, but allegedly that is a load of conspiracy rubbish, to make an allegedly 'important' documentary, allegedly in the 'public interest' ... oh sure we believe you .....

schmoo says: if someone wanted to broadcast the death of my mum without my permission, I would want to film their death in a car accident, and then show the film to their children and sell the footage to some lowlife media whores at Channel Four (but I would never dream of actually doing it).

PS: Channel Four is a great TV channel, and the last Big Brother was some of the best TV ever broadcast. Confused? Don't worry try confused.com

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