Friday, June 8, 2007

paris 'houdini' hilton excapes prison nightmare

schmoo on the run would just like to say how glad we are that Paris Hilton has been released from prison.

No one, even if they are very rich, should be subjected to psychological torture in a tiny claustrophobic cell, with cold food, a horrible mattress and noisy neighbours.

The US prison system is a disgrace to a country that calls itself the 'land of the free'. Hopefully Paris Hilton will now support prisoners rights campaigns.


If all the people who are angry that she has been released really want their pound of flesh perhaps Paris Hilton should be forced to spend the rest of her sentence in the Big Brother house in London - that would be a fair punishment for the most famous woman in the world.

Perhaps Paris could teach the hapless Big Brother Bimbos (and that includes ziggy) a few lessons about the disgrace of fame.

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