Monday, June 4, 2007

brilliant london olympic logo - it grows on you

Above: Colour variations of the excellent new London 2012 Olympic logo launched today. So far it has been heavily attacked by a bunch of philistines. Already 6000 people have signed an online petition against it - so what? Luckily we are not ruled by referendum - because 6000, or even 50 million people can be wrong (and often are).

This logo will grow on people and could end up being one of the most successful Olympic logos ever. Hopefully the organisers will stand firm against the cultural lynch mob. It looks fantastic when it is animated, and I want the tea shirt.

Now part of the animation (an especially good part) has had to be removed, supposedly because it causes epilepsy, and has triggered at least eight seizures and contravenes Ofcom guidelines.

Below: This is the schmoo alternative 2012 london olympic logo:

Below: This is the alternative 2012 london olymics 'summer of love' raver on acid version:

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