Friday, June 8, 2007

paris hilton's safe house 'under siege'

Above: Paris Hilton's 'safehouse' is currently surrounded by a media lynch mob, as she is about to be dragged back to court and possibly back to solitary confinement in the LA County jail torture centre. If they are not careful Paris Hilton will go the same way as Princess Diana - and then they will be sorry.

schmoo says: Hands off Paris Hilton. Rocky Delgadillo should go do his job and catch some real criminals instead of scene creaming on the back of celebs in an obvious attempt to boost his career. L.A. is full of murderers and drug dealers - go pick up the real trash - or is that beneath you?

Meanwhile loads of Paris Hilton supporters are waiting outside the court house and an aeroplane is flying overhead with a banner saying "We Love Paris".

G8? Climate Change? World Poverty? Sooo boring.

Justice for Celebs - Free Paris Hilton

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