Tuesday, June 5, 2007

zipee electric bike: Zero Input of Pollution from Emissions into the Environment

Above: The Zipee electric bike.

Above: The Zipee bike: no road tax or congestion charge.

Above: The Zipee bike: 30 miles per charge.

Above: The Zipee bike goes 20km per hour.

Above: the Zipee bike: seats two, no licence or registration required.

Above: The Zipee bike: ridable on London cycle routes + clean & silent (also very light). To organise a test drive phone 0207 691 1830. (By the way - we loved it!)


Charles Frith said...

Looks very interesting.

kevinBG said...

lol, that ebike is from china ?

schmoo said...

that eze commuter bike looks very good, thanks for the link.