Monday, June 11, 2007

united arab emirate royals plan mass eviction for ancient african tribe

The Hadzabe, a hunter gather tribe in Tanzinia, Africa, are believed to be the second-oldest people on Earth - but of course that is not saving them from being threatened with eviction and extinction.

Some greedy members of the United Arab Emirates 'royal' family want to turn the Hadzabe tribal hunting lands into a private 'by helicopter only' safari playground - so the Hadzabe who have been there for over 50,000 years will just have to go.

The Hadzabe, who run their society without hierarchy or leadership, and usually reach decisions by consensus, have had 2500 sq miles of their ancient hunting lands leased to the self indulgent Arab royals, by the corrupt Tanzanian government.

Much like the 'clearances' in Scotland (1760-1886), which cleared the Highlands of people to make way for sheep farming, the selfish United Arab Emirates 'royals' plan to clear the area of all humans; that means the 1500 remaining members of the Hadzabe Tribe - so the 'royals' can be free to hunt without the 'natives' getting in the way.

About thirty years ago, the Tanzanian government tried to change the Hadzabe's freedom loving lifestyle by forcing the bushmen to 'settle down' and 'get a real job'.

The government gave them livestock, grain and tools, and left them to cultivate the land. But the once the livestock and grain were gone, the Hanzabe returned to the bush, and happily regained their 'primitive' status as free people.

Defending the decision to sell the land to the disgustingly rich, and self centered Arab Royals who tour the area in helicopters, a Tanzanian government official had the gall to call the Hanza 'backwards' because they have no use for money, or the usual materialistic tat.

What is needed is a worldwide campaign to save some of the last free people on the planet from extinction by cultural genocide. blog has more on the Hadzabe people, and says that Survival International has been contacted, but a lot more than that will be needed.

Hadza Tribal Lands Being Confiscated By Arab Royal Family

Help the Hadzabe at Remote Central.

50,000 Years of Resilience May Not Save Tribe (Washington Post)

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Tim said...

Hey Chris - more from which you and your readers might like to check out - Kambiz is trying to raise more awareness of the issue...

Help out the Hadza!

talk soon, cheers, Tim

Anonymous said...

fPcn interCultural: is extremely concerned about this, having been friends and helpers for the Hadzabe for over 10 years, this alarms us very much and we would dearly like to find others concerned enough to do something to put a stop to this ethnocide. Please get in touch.