Monday, June 4, 2007

'anarchists' fall for G8 hoax

The activities of the so called 'Left wing Anarchists' who have been filling the headlines with images of violence in the build up to the G8 meeting in Rostock are a sickening betrayal of anarchist values.

The 'black block' thugs attacking the police in Rostock have nothing to do with the ideals of freedom, personal responsibility, peace and natural justice, which are the foundations of anarchism.

Many believe that the protest hijackers, known as the 'black block', who appeared in force during the 1999 Seattle demonstrations, and have since played a key part in ruining major anti capitalist events in Europe, especially London, are actually the creation of the American CIA, designed to utterly discredit anarchism and the left in general.

Over the years, several thousand innocent, well intended but very nieve young people have been suckered into supporting this disgusting perversion of anarchist action which has done nothing but marginalise the anarchist movement in Europe.

This year, to add insult to injury, while the elite of the European macho 'anarchist' thug fraction mass in Rostock, supposedly to 'smash' the G8 capitalists (and be smashed themselves instead), the true action is going on on the other side of Europe - in Istanbul, Turkey.

In fact the G8 is a massive distraction - almost to the point of being a hoax.

While the corporate media booms with anti left, anti progressive headlines, selling violent demonstration 'porn-news' created by a bunch of pseudo 'anarchist' CIA agents, using as their patsies various naive 'anarchist groups' (including several from Britain), which are riddled with infiltrators and agent provocateurs, the rulers of the world have been meeting elsewhere - at the Bilderburg Conference 2007.


M. Altemark said...

I can agree that the blac bloc tactics have made the anarchist movement as a whole a target of negative media and state coverage and attention, but to instead put forward conspiricist claims that the real focus should be the bilderberg group, that is also removed from reality.

schmoo said...

Yes, I think you are right that the Bilderbergers are not worth a piss in the Mississippi River, but still think G8 is a red herring and an obvious trap which the so called 'anarchists' have been buying their own tickets (on Easy Jet no doubt) to jump into. What a waste of Co2. So they would have been better off going to Turkey (at least the food is better than in Germany).