Wednesday, July 25, 2007

massive police hunt for 'nature' after flood terror attack on britain

Above: CCTV image of a suspect puddle of wet water; part of a massive natural terror attack currently hitting Britain. The flooding is being blamed on 'global warming' caused by human activity in a classic 'false flag' frame-up by 'green' eco Nazis and Gordon Brown. They want to force everyone to live on nettles and do press ups. Meanwhile house prices are expected to be hit in 'flood plain blight' epidemic as thousands try to sell property which can't be insured due to 'end of the suburb' hysteria.

Above: Nature waves back: The truth is the floods are not caused by 'global warming' or pissing in the wind, or the Labour government and Gordon Brown, or flying to Paris for sex and smoking skunk. The floods are caused by nature and although they seem bad, actually they are just what we need & deserve; Britain needs a good clean up.

It may hurt now, but the benefits will be reaped in the future. One of the solutions to the problem of building on flood plains will be to construct housing on artificial hills connected by bridges.

Above & below: schmoo on the run.

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