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George Monbiot, Al Gore: climate change criminals against humanity

Geoge Monbiot and the 'we can save the world from global warming' brigade were at it again last week (Friends Meeting House, Euston, London). Like a bunch of snake oil sales quacks they were selling their latest books, and the 'eco con' that they can cure climate change.

The common belief that humanity can stop climate change and global warming is at best wishful thinking, and at worst a lie being used to further other political agendas (both left & right) which have very little to do with a concern for the environment.

Of course dramatic climate change is happening, and it is going to get a lot worse. And of course human activity effects the climate; but just as it is possible for man to cause an earthquake, most earth quakes are natural and we can not stop them.

HARSH REALITY: Regardless of who or what is causing climate change, the sad truth that few have the guts to face (just as few can really accept they are going to die one day), is that the dramatic changes now beginning to be felt all over the planet are unstoppable.

The harsh reality that no one wants to admit in public, is that what ever we do, millions (if not billions), of scandalously impoverished people are going to die, or have their lives ruined because of climate change; millions have already died.

CLIMATE CHANGE CHURCH: Evangelical false prophets like George Monbiot (however well intended), prefer the comfort of shallow populism by preaching that we can all be 'saved' if only we stopped 'sinning', paid more spurious airport taxes (Gordon Brown is loving it), and make out direct debits to the Climate Change 'Campaign'. This is pretty much as self deceiving as believing you will go to heaven if you say the right prayers, and give generously to the church collection.

Instead we should be urgently preparing for the inevitable and horrible disasters which will happen, which are happening, regardless of any actions by humanity. If we did prepare, and save what we can, instead of wasting time and money on quack CO2 remedies, perhaps millions of lives could be saved, especially in the poorest parts of the world, but not if you support the Climate Change Campaign lie, which is selling a cure that will not work.

WAR: The environmental issues facing us all, which really are caused by humanity, are poverty, toxic pollution and the out of control pillaging of natural resources. These are problems humanity really does cause, and can actually prevent, despite the constant opposition of the powerful vested interests profiting from poisoning, human exploitation and oppression of the worst kind.

If we seriously addressed these problems, perhaps we could also stand a chance of preventing some of the most disastrous effects of extreme climate change. These effects include flooding, drought, famine, storms, pestilence and epidemics, but most ruinously of all, they include war. And we won't just be fighting over fish.

Part of the solution requires the toppling from power of those who have consistently blocked, over countless generations, all previous attempts, by many, many people, at establishing peace, freedom, equality and justice for all, and a sustainable future.

VAMPIRES: The blockers and destroyers could be called 'Death Culture Vampires', because they literally feed off the blood of children (i.e. under age sugar cane workers), and their culture prospers by killing and destroying where ever they go. Maybe 'we' are all guilty by association, because we are all collaborators with this evil and unjust, dominant side of human culture.

They (we?) do this evil exploitation simply because of their (our?) own selfishness and insecurity. But they (we) live in constant torment and should be pitied, not hated. Their (our?) overthrow would be their (our?) own liberation!

But, to overthrow the 'Vampires' requires an honest, rational, democratic, global movement; we need peace, freedom, equality and justice for all, and a sustainable future.

We don't need a load of hysterical people wasting our time, looking for a new religion, hoping to save the world by 'stopping' climate change.

Dramatic 'Climate Change' is something than has occurred on this planet for millions of years, and it does not give a damn if humans don't like the temperature suddenly going to boiling, or freezing, or melting, or exploding into a trillion pieces point.

ECO CONS: But tragically many naive left/liberal environmentalists have jumped on the CO2 bandwagon, led by leading eco con Al Gore & Co, and now backed by massive corporate ('vampire') interests and many governments. Climate change CO2 hysteria is even being used to promote a huge boost for the nuclear industry; this is yet another utterly ignorant and futile remedy. (See the very informed comments at Pickled Politics).

Meanwhile Monbiot and many so called 'green' pie in the skiers would like us all to return to the middle ages, but modeled on Glastonbury Festival (or the 'Big Green Gathering'). These urban romantics, many of whom own their own houses worth the annual income of several thousand impoverished peasants, and scream blue murder at the slightest inconvenience, dream of living by subsistence farming, eating nettles.

Of course what they don't admit to themselves is that in such 'romantic' circumstances their children will be lucky to have a life expectancy of 35. As many of these 'new age' self deceivers don't believe in vaccination, but do believe in reincarnation, presumably that's OK.

However, for the several billion people struggling just to survive, the arrogant and patronising preaching of people like George Monbiot and Al Gore is not OK; it is a crime against humanity.

Above: Trendy Solar Powered Tipi to save the planet? This is even more ridiculous than Tory leader David Cameron's £2000+ windmill that powers a light bulb; manufacturing solar panels consumes more energy than they will ever produce.

Peace, Freedom, Equality and Justice for all, and a sustainable future.

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