Sunday, November 11, 2007

sex pistols revival: can they still get it up?

Above & below: Graffiti in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.

Punk may or may not be dead, but one thing is for sure; there is precious little real 'anarchy in the uk', and the 'The Sex Pistols' pop ghost group don't help by digging themselves up for yet another revival tour (their third despite claiming credibility for years promising they would never do it).

The Sex Pistols, more than any, are responsible for the marketing of anarchism as a 'news of the world' horror story in most peoples minds. True anarchism involves supporting peace and cooperation and the belief in taking personal responsibility. But the Sex Pistols fakes reinforce every negative 'News of the World' stereotype of anarchists as violent, selfish, unpleasant, irresponsible, untrustworthy, brats. The Sex Pistols are in fact a massive anti anarchist advert and the right wing press lap it up.

The result is moronic 'anarchist' groups like Class War supported by people who have brought the News of the World stereotype and think smashing windows and being surrounded by police and looking like BNP nazi thugs is a good idea. The antics of these media victims have been responsible for destroying the anarchist movement in Britain and turning it into a total perversion. The recent 'Anarchist Book Fair' was a typical example - a gathering of people with major personality defects.

Class War also attempted a revival recently - about 75 morons turned up led by their leader Ian Bone who rants (a bit like Jonny Rotten) against having leaders. Yea sure! All he is really doing is trying to promote his lousy book. Like the Nazi BNP 'Class War' supports the death penalty; their publicity called for putting the heads of toffs on spikes. Thankfully the police kept these political pikies well under control.

BBC review of Brixton Academy gig:
"Songs once deemed subversive - Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen - are somewhat stripped of their nihilism and vitriol when an ecstatic room largely populated by middle-aged men bellow along jubilantly." -

So can the 'Sex Pistols' still get it up? With Viagra perhaps it seems. Get back to LA you fakes; you never did anything for anyone in Britain except take their money.

Gigwise has received a number of comments about the Brixton Academy gigs so far. They hit out at what they call a “dire” and “shoddy” show. One impassioned comment reads: “Went last night. They were shite to the point of embarrassing. Worst gig ever.”

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