Monday, November 12, 2007

halloween MI6: spooks, loons and 9.11 'truth' goons

Above: Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, at the LSE.

schmoontherun thought it would be amusing to spend part of this years Halloween night by going to a talk at the LSE by top spook Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6. What he had to say was widely reported in the press the day after and being too busy I did not bother to blog the event. There was very little that he had to say that most people do not already know, so all I did was confirm in person that Dearlove is not a lizard.

The only reason for this post is that a number of blog reports have since emerged by '9.11 Truth' nerds bragging about how they "successfully" slagged Dearlove off and forced him to 'run away'.

In fact what happened was a number of total loonies asked some very stupid questions and made the 9.11 Truth Movement look very stupid in front of a large audience of press and LSE students. The audience audibly groaned as one after another the usual crankie 'truth' theories were rolled out by the conspiracy anoraks who did their cause absolutely no good what so ever.

Afterwards at a free drinks party they disgraced themselves further by screaming obscenities and calling for the death penalty. They then YouTubed a very heavily edited video of their pathetic antics - which cut out the more ridiculous and anti Semitic questions by their supporters, as well as the audience's negative reactions to their absurdities. So much for the 'truth'.

These goons hide behind the title 'We Are Change'. However this is just the 'brown shirt' wing of the now utterly discredited 9.11 'Truth' Movement, which has in its membership people who believe the planes that hit the twin towers were holograms, or even death rays from outer space, and of course David Shayler who believes he is the new messiah. 'We Are Crazies' would be a more apt name for them.

An ever increasing number of previous supporters of the 9.11 'truth' movement are now ex supporters. Many still believe there should be a public enquiry into 9.11 because the 9.11 Commission was such a whitewash, but they don't want to be associated with these idiots.

Most sane people run a mile when they are asked to buy into the loony conspiracy theories by so called '9.11 academics', hologram crack pots, and anti Semite's who regurgitate 'jewish conspiracy' Bilderberg theories originating from the Third Reich, while claiming to be truth seekers.

The 9.11 'Truth' Movement really is a 24/7 Halloween Show. But the worse thing about it is that it is spreading lies and miss information, totally discrediting any serious attempts at getting at the real truth.


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