Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Richard Neville Interviews John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia

With Australia in the midst of a general election campaign, and the current prime minister John Howard looking like losing badly, this highly entertaining, no holds bared series of interviews with him by Richard Neville (one time editor of the 60's OZ magazine), may well be Howard's swan song, or suicide note. In fact it is so mad you might think it is a spoof, but sometimes fact is stranger than fiction (especially Howard's eyebrows). Howard is an Australian remix of Maggie Thatcher and George Bush, with some Tony Blair doing a guitar solo.

Watch Howard's tongue as he struggles to control it; it is almost enough to make you believe that Australia has a lizard for Prime Minister. He does fairly well on climate change ... then blows it all at the end.

The interviews are hosted by homepagedaily.com; currently in 'beta' development, this is a slick looking new 'bourgeois liberal neo hippy' Australian website well worth watching for the future.

The Australian election is on 24th of November.

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