Monday, January 26, 2009

massive cannabis civil disobedience

The largest and longest running civil disobedience campaign in British history continues today as well over a million people will consume several tons of cannabis and give the finger to Gordon Brown's ludicrous 'class b' for cannabis prohibition policy.

It is certainly ludicrous that many of these people will be consuming adulterated cannabis or unnatural possibly dangerous strains of 'skunk' which would not exist if it were not for the cannabis prohibition laws.

These laws are meant to protect people, especially young people, from the dangers of cannabis abuse, but they have proved to be much more dangerous to the national health than cannabis itself, which is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

Gordon Brown meanwhile has lost any possible claim to respect having joined George Bush and his ilk in a cynical rejection of science and the measured opinion of the majority of experts, many paid by the tax payer to advise the government.

'the government's drug policy, is it working' was an interesting house of lords debate last week.

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