Monday, January 5, 2009

gaza love bomb proposed to end war

It is amazing how similar the Israeli and the Palestinian spokespeople sound on the media, except of course for the Israeli army spokesmen who has an Australian accent. They are after all mostly part of the same family, while the rest of the world are their relatives; we are all guilty bystanders, all of us to blame. We are all relatives after all.

Who knows how much money and effort has been wasted by Hamas on their infantile missiles, while their own people, 50 per cent children, live in poverty. Who knows how many thousands of lives could be improved by the cost of the massive and horrific Israeli counter attack. Some black market accountants in Gaza City and Tel Aviv may know, and the arms manufacturers in the US and Britain, Iran and China, fiddling the credit crunch books like demons.

Their deathly trade is one of the only recession proof areas of the world economy. This is more than tragic; this is serial child killing on a massive scale. Every nano-second another weapon is firing; a constantly running horror action nightmare. An endless loop tape of death, now HD ready, with depleted uranium special effects, real people instead of actors, and millions of extras. Everyone has got a chance to be in it.

the love bomb

There is only one solution, the ultimate weapon of the heroic 'meek' who should inherit the earth; the Love Bomb.

Instead of crudely splitting the atom like cavemen hacking raw meat with a flint, the thermo-spiritual Love Bomb combines human energy using naturally embedded genetic code which connects to a virtual-psychic, organic peer to peer brain network, and then goes viral. This initiates a mass global consciousness event, counteracting the hippy ballshit effect by fusing with a widely available material known as Common Sense, at which point the device, which now covers the whole planet, goes ultra creative, causing a massive release of pent up positive energy, resulting in everlasting peace, pizzas and prosperity for all.

The design of this device is amazing. It is designed using ancient principles, yet it is state of the art; perfect for the 21st Century. For a start it is completely invisible and weightless. This makes it good for urban theaters of operation, as well as impenetrable mountain caves. Being highly mobile just one person can deliver it, without even a suitcase, although sometimes this can still be a suicide mission; for example Jesus ended up on the cross without a suitcase.

The Love Bomb was developed through countless millennia of ceaseless war using knowledge gleaned from past, present and somewhere else, passed on through the generations of humanity in genetic code. Each generation has successfully kept alive and improved the technology for a bomb more powerful than a thousand pathetic and primitive nuclear explosions, simply by learning how to channel their rage. Many do not even know they are involved in the development project, for example teams of Zen monks in Tibet and Hiroshima, acid head visionaries in California and Bern, Switzerland, Sufi ambient trance dancers in Goa who are in communication with dolphins but don't realise it, Ganja dub wizards in Jamaica, hardcore Congolese witch doctors, magic herb shaman blokes in the Amazon, and true anarchists who broke the mind barrier.

If successfully detonated the Love Bomb can bring whole armies to a halt, raise evil empires to the ground, and liberate not just one nation, not just one planet, not even just one universe. The detonator mechanism is incredibly simple; it uses the infinite power of forgiveness, the oldest trick in the book. A bit like the wheel, this technology is so obvious when you get it. You may wonder why you did not think of it yourself, and then you might kick yourself, because you did.

us military pondered love not war.

credit crunch package to restart britain

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