Tuesday, January 20, 2009

boycott the boycott culture

Above: herbs marked 'west bank' and 'israel' next to each other at Tescos today. They missed adding 'occupied' on the 'west bank' package. Nevertheless the growing boycott campaign against Israel feels all wrong. There is always an exception, like the boycott of South Africa, but most boycotts are counter productive and encourage badness, hurting the innocent more than the guilty. The US boycott of Cuba, Bush's refusal to talk to Iran and Hamas, and the current boycott Israel campaigns are all spiteful and wrong headed.

Above: herbs marked 'west bank' at Salisbury's today.

Above: if you like Israeli style smooth houmous, Yarden makes by far the best houmous on offer at Tescos. Expensive but highly recommended, although it has to be said the houmous made in the mountains of Lebanon, often by Hezbollah supporters, is even better.

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