Friday, January 9, 2009

sanity running out as gaza war continues

Heavy stupidity continues in Gaza as an out of control 'middle eastern' virus which removes all common sense and humanity from it's victims continues. Now there are fears that the killer bug maybe spreading worldwide. There are serious concerns that a confirmed outbreak outside the Israeli embassy in London may be spreading. The nasty symptoms of the utter stupidity virus are appearing all over the Internet; apparently Hamas supporters in Britain have been drawing up hit lists of British Jews. Left wingers seem particularly susceptible to the virus and many have already gone round the bend. Some very silly people are now supporting racist, homophobic, torturing nutters almost exactly like the BNP, except they are Palestinian. Victims of the 'nutter bug' only want to hear reinforcements of what they have already decided, and immediately go into a rage when exposed to any challenge what so ever. This makes the virus very difficult to treat, especially as victims ardently believe they are sane, while accusing all and sundry of war crimes. One of the few known ways of treating this largely psychological mental problem is to have them read articles such as this. The next stages of the virus could include rioting, arson, terror attacks and all kinds of other serious symptoms of total madness. The highly infectious bug could also merge with the credit crunch epidemic which shares many of the same symptoms of utter insanity, creating a mental heath crisis far worse than the Great Depression; the Great Psychotic Trauma in which mass suicide and murder becomes epidemic. Security at the schmoo safe house is therefore now at pre-maximum amber as the whole situation is looking extremely stupid.

The past week has witnessed a surge in antisemitic incidents across London, anti-Israel daubings on synagogues and other Jewish communal buildings and anti-semitic graffiti in areas known for their Jewish communities, hate mail sent to Jewish organisations and communal leaders and, more seriously, an arson attack on a synagogue and a mob shouting anti-Israel and antisemitic slogans on the main road in Golders Green.

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