Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama Clinton: it's health care stupid. The US pharmaceutical election is on.

Major 'deja vu' watching the US 'Primary' Election Spectacular from the sidelines in London; like watching repeat TV show. Spooky parallels with Blair's 'New Labour' ending Tory Rule after 18 years ... replacing it with Tony Rule.

With Barack Obama now leading in the polls against Clinton, is the story line for Blair's 'New Labour' Show being repeated in the current US Election 'Changes' series? The US version would be: Let the 'Democrats' win, as long as the 'republicans' get in.

At the moment it seems the US establishment is swinging behind Barack Obama as the best person to represent their interests, in what they regard as the almost inevitable transition from Republican to Democratic rule in the United States. They did exactly the same with Tony Blair. They love a good salesman.

The advertising is being prepared. Desperate for a major re branding of the 'United States' franchise, corporate America has talent spotted the 'black' Obama as the perfect new 'face of Coca-America', and they are probably right.

Does Barack Obama have a secret actor/model background? He has already admitted to being a bit like Ronald Reagun.

With friends like these? Barack Obama campaign backers include; billionaire Warren Buffett, the second-richest man in America, and Rupert Murdoch (big Blair supporter), plus champagne bar fulls of Wall Street and corporate executives.

'Prime' and 'sub prime' investment bankers have been overwhelmingly supporting the Democratic Party; Barack Obama raised $32.6 million in January 2008 alone. He might end up known as MOBama.

Anti war candidate? A quick search found Obama backers include: Zbigniew Brzezinski (arch-cold warrior), and a surprisingly large number (several illegal wars worth), of retired military brass. Some believe the future may require a 'Democrat' salesman like Obama (like Blair) in the White House, at least for a while, to continue selling never ending war - and bring back the draft.

Suckered Left: Has the American liberal left, typified by fluffie anti war internet outfit moveon.org who are supporting Obama against Clinton, been thrown a sucker? One thing is almost certain if the Blair script rerun continues; they will be very disappointed.

It's Health Care Stupid: The US 'pharmaceutical election' is on. Just like in the Blair election, health care is a central issue in the US Election and for good reason; there is a robbery going on.

There is a tragedy going on: Over 40 million people have no health coverage at all in the richest nation on Earth. They are sick to death of it. This is why who ever wins the Democratic nomination is likely to be the next president.

Built to Fail:
But Obama's 'universal' health plan is built to fail. How can it ever be 'universal' when it does not even attempt to reach everyone in America?

There's gold in them there pills: New York Times: "Mrs. Clinton’s (health plan) would cover almost twice as many of those now uninsured as a plan resembling Mr. Obama’s".

"The difference between the plans could well be the difference between achieving universal health coverage — a key progressive goal — and falling far short."

No wonder so many vested interests in America have contracts out to 'get' Clinton. The last thing they want is affordable health care for all.

For certain 'dark forces at work' (as the Queen would put it), Hillary Clinton is a bit like Gordon Brown; flawed and dangerous.

Above: 2004 US election map. What ever happens, please, please, spare us all from the above.

bartcop.com has entertaining & informative US election stuff: "Obama backers have been e-mailing that cute story about, "Would you let the brain surgeon's wife operate on you?" Well, if my choices were the brain surgeon's wife, who watched every minute of brain surgeries for eight years OR a smooth-talking guy who'd never been in the operating room before, I'd go with the surgeon's wife - wouldn't you?"

Betfair has Hillary Clinton most likely to win nomination, and 2/3 chance Democrats win the White House whoever is their leader.

John Kerry raving about Obama; but is it enough to put anyone off?

Prince Andrew Attacks Bush on Iraq

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