Friday, February 15, 2008

blogging for cash:


ebuzzing is making more than a few bloggers wake up and think of their souls. The internet company is offering to pay bloggers reasonable rates for writing as little as 100 words, as long as they publish the finished article on their blog.

Some traditionalists react instantly; "What? No Way! Get bloggers to sell their souls to the devil. Not me ..." and click away for ever.

But here in the 'trough' that one fellow blogger has called the luxurious schmoo 'safe house' in central london, surrounded by CCTV and armed guards, the ebuzzing deal seems like a reasonable offer of paid work, and a pretty good idea. I have checked it out; no one has to make a deal with the devil; just use a few brain cells.

In fact ebuzzing clearly say on their website that bloggers working for them can say whatever they like. ebuzzing just want the ebuzz. That's how it works. They want hundreds of bloggs writing about their client's products, and do not care if some of it is negative. In fact this just creates more 'buzz'. It is even possible to get paid to mention how it might be best to join the 'Freegans' who never buy anything, and source their food and clothing from skips. I just did.

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity, just 'negative buzz'? The infamous 'Ratners Moment' proves that publicity can spell disaster. Just three words destroyed the Ratners Group, a major British jewelry company in the 1980's, when Gerald Ratner the chief executive, said of his company's products; "it's total crap". Ratners ceased trading not long afterwards. That is product information at it's most deadly.

Useful and honest product information is a very valuable product; it can save lives and even the planet. For example; 'Ecovar' washing up liquid is not just biodegradable. Unlike 'Fairy Liquid' and other planet polluter detergents, 'Ecover' does not spread toxic detergent molecules all over your plates and cutlery. These toxic detergent molecules won't all wash off, even if you rinse a lot. So you end up eating detergent molecules with your food and, and storing it in your fatty tissue, until you die. That is anti pollution product information.

schmoo is going to accept the ebuzzing deal, and see how it goes. By the time you read this, the schmoo 'escape fund' will have been credited for this article by Call me a prostitute or a mercenary, or both, I don't care. Both can be honorable trades. I will write about the inside of a ping pong ball if the price is right.

it's only ebuzzing, but I like it.


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