Thursday, February 28, 2008

was uk 'earthquake' man made?

The epicenter of the recent uk earthquake was at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. This forgotten part of the English countryside is also the location of a secret weapons testing site at the former RAF base at Faldingworth airfield which has recently been at the center of local protests.

The locals are complaining about loud explosions coming from the testing site every 15 minutes. The explosions are so massive that the vibrations have caused cracks in houses nearby. They have been known to continue for days on end, despite endless complaints.

Local MP Edward Leigh recently called on the local council to use enforcement powers to close the company down. “They’re saying it is vital work in the national interest,” he said “but it must be possible to do that and be aware of residents.”

Could these explosions be responsible for the recent earth quake that hit large parts of the country a few days ago? Some people think this might be possible, and some other people do not. In the meantime the neighbours from hell at Faldingworth airfield need an ASBO slapped on them at the very least.

The charges of vandalism all over Britain due to causing an earthquake should also be investigated, along with any possible war crime conspiracy corruption charges.

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