Saturday, February 9, 2008

archbishop of cantandbaloney: the anglican confusion

Above: Rowan Williams; the sad result of a lifetime of using religion as a crutch.

Religion addict Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury (cantandbaloney), deserves to be charged with inciting religious intolerance for his latest dangerous and ignorant utterances about Sharia law.

This is another nail in the coffin of the Anglican Confusion. Yet another reason why religion should be reclassified as a Class A Dangerous drug.

Some are calling for this idiot to be sacked - the trouble is they would just appoint another even bigger fool.

There is only one good thing about Religion - it keeps the crazies off the streets on Sundays (and Fridays).

However, normal sane members of the public, especially children, should be able to watch the TV without being exposed to religious 'grooming' by dodgy religious nutters like Williams.

Rowan Williams needs treatment to make him safe around kids and members of the press.

But curing this dangerous serial preacher will be a hard job, as new research shows that taking part in religious rituals, and 'praying', even for just one time, can be more dangerous and addictive than heroin or crack cocaine. Every year hundreds of thousands of people 'OD' on religion. While under the influence, they end up as murderers, war criminals, rapists, or even blow themselves up,

The best way to end religious intolerance and bring world peace would be to cure all the religion addicts, get the preacher/dealers off our streets, close the crack temples blighting our neighbourhoods, and Make Religion History.

If Sharia law really did take hold in Britain as Rowan Williams suggests, he could be one of the first to face beheading for being an 'arch infidel'.

One way to curb the corrupting influence of religion on society would be to apply the same laws to religious activities as currently apply to sex shops and brothels. Warning signs should be required, and churches/crack temples should be relocated to desolote 'red light' industrial areas. Regular checks by vice police could ensure 'zero tolerance' for child abuse, brain washing, financial extortion, and guilt tripping. Some disused churches and mosques could then be used to provide sex workers with a safe place to carry out their honest trade.

Religion Addicts could be weaned off religion by NHS therapists with regular doses of scientific fact; for example proving to them that the world was not made in seven days by a man called 'God'.

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