Sunday, February 10, 2008

millions feared lost as camden fire burns stalls

Above: On the 'high' street. Camden market bubbles in better times.

The Camden Market area has been hit today by a huge fire which will probably wipe out trade in a major part of the market for weeks to come, effecting 100's of small stall holders, many of whom will have lost all their stock (probably uninsured). It also looks like the Hawley Arms pub has been burnt out. The Hawley Arms is well known as 'ground zero' for heavy drinking and regular visits to the toilet by the likes of Amy Winehouse and 'face of Cocaine' Kate Moss. Meanwhile hundreds of local residents living near the market are unable to get back into their homes and are homeless for the night, maybe longer. Amy Winehouse's home address in Camden is .......

The fire has already attracted worldwide media attention due to Camden Market's global reputation as a mecca for 'bohemians', tourists, and people who don't know where to buy decent 'skunk' without being ripped off. For sometime 'magic mushrooms' were openly on sale, but this tradition has been banned and forced underground (the bloke round the corner on the left).

More later when schmoo on the run breaks cover to have a look ....

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