Wednesday, September 6, 2006

save the labour party - sack brown now

Today Gordon Brown tried to bully Tony Blair yet again by shouting at him! This is outrageous.

Gordon Brown is a nasty, back biting, double crossing, black mailing, traitor who obviously cares more about himself than the Labour Party and the British people.

Brown - the Tyrant In Waiting

Tony Blair is the 'Nice Cop'; Gordon Brown is the 'Nasty Cop'. Tony Blair knows the truth about Brown. Blair is doing everything he can to save Britain from falling under the Dictatorship of Brown. He knows what a nutter Gordon Brown really is.

Why does Brown slink around never daring to show his true colours? Because he is a power hungry tyrant in waiting, scared everyone will see through him.

If Labour are to have any chance what so ever against the Tories they need to elect a new leader. David Cameron must be preying they elect Gordon Brown.

Hopefully Blair will sack Brown tomorrow.


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