Friday, March 7, 2008

uniformphobic attacks on military 'dressers'

It's an outrage: Attacks by 'uniformphobic' bigots who don't like people dressing up in uniforms have caused the commander of an RAF base in Peterborough to advise soldiers to avoid 'dressing up' in public.

Not only are hippies, punks, goths, hoodies, transvestites, women in veils, pikie crusties, police people and even Hells Angels abused just because of the cloths they are wearing.

Now it emerges our heroic armed forces have been ordered for the last year to dress 'straight' in public because of 'soldier bashing' and public abuse by bigots and pacifist hypocrites who support terrorists, torturers and women haters.

It seems the Armed Forces have joined the Home Secretary in being too frightened to walk the streets because of anti social behaviour. If they don't dare walk around Peterborough in uniform, no wonder they have had to withdraw from Basra.

To his credit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has bravely 'come out' to encourage uniform wearing in public. His statement today included a strong attack on uniformphobic attacks, which will be supported by the vast majority of people in the country, especially in the Gay and Muslim communities.

But when is Gordon Brown going to really come out? He should say that people should be allowed to wear what they want, including nothing.

Will Gordon Brown ever come out and support nudism? The truth is he is completely in the pay of the big clothing manufacturers and companies like Marks & Spencers and Primark, and they obviously hate nudism.

Meanwhile, the word on Oxford Street is that the uniformphobia story is part of a secret sales campaign in preparation for world war three, when uniforms will be all the rage.

schmoo says: soldiers do not deserve to be blamed for government policy. What they are doing is serving the country on the orders of democratically elected people who are sometimes total idiots.

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