Wednesday, March 26, 2008

save OUR world - kill the whale

The scientific proof is over whelming; apart from killing yourself, the next best thing you can do to save the planet is support the Kill the Whale Campaign which is launching tomorrow.

The Kill the Whale campaign is part of a broad based environmentalist coalition (including the Make Britain Nuclear Campaign and Stop Greenpeace), which aims to save humanity from the threat of Climate Change.

Scientists now believe climate change is caused mainly by the Whale, and not by humans as previously thought (due to incorrect data spread by corrupt scientists working for multi national eco corporations like Greenpeace).

The marauding sea pest known as the Whale is carrying out a systematic genocidal extermination of plankton and hundreds of other rare marine species on a daily basis, purely for it's own profit and with no regard for the environment. This mass killing makes Darfur look like a typical boring hippy festival. Plankton currently produce half of of the worlds oxygen. Any threat to plankton is a threat to every living thing on this planet.

What animal kills more things everyday than any other? The Whale (source).

The bloated and obese American Sperm Whale for example roams in packs of 100 or more and eats squid (including colossal squid and the giant squid), octopus and deep water fishes, but it also consumes sharks and skates. Each of these 35,000 - 57,000 kg monsters consumes approximately 3% of its body weight in squid (about 2,000 pounds) every day.

Thanks to the insane ban on killing whales as much as possible, there are now over 1,500,000 sperm whales worldwide, and the infestation is spreading by the day. It is possible that by 2010 there could be so many Whales that their combined weight when they mass in mating season will cause a shift in the Earths polar axis and the deaths of millions, if not billions of innocent human beings in a massive tsunami of polluted seawater mixed with whale blubber and millions of tons of waste plastic.

Pirate Sperm Radio: Sperm Whales also needlessly blights the lives of millions by disturbing transatlantic communication cables which interrupts TV programs, emails and free BitTorrent downloads. They also support international terrorism and put lives at risk by interfering with vital naval sonar communications with their unlicensed underwater 'pirate' broadcasts and illegal free phone calls.

Japanese Internet security specialists suspect that Whales, possibly assisted by Dolphins and Human double agents, may have even hacked into the Internet using organic wifi, and could have stolen hundreds of millions of pounds, contributing to the current global financial meltdown. Meanwhile a Japanese government agriculture minister has said that Whales contribute to mass starvation.

Discredited war criminal suspect Tony Blair is of course in the pay of the shadowy but hugely powerful Whale Lobby which has agents in every capital of the world spreading pro whale propaganda, and corrupting politicians and scientists with massive bribes. When he was Prime Minister of Great Britain Blair said: "We are concerned that whaling is unacceptably cruel. It is also economically unnecessary. We believe that whale-watching is the only use of whales which is both humane and sustainable." This is typical 'dodgy dossier' Bliar. How low can you get?

The Whale Lobby also supports terrorist organisations like the fanatical hard line Greenpeace 'Eco Qaeda' group, who similar to AL-QAEDA, specialise in committing mindless media 'spectaculars' involving economic sabotage, vandalism, wreckless boat driving, and other anti democratic, green Nazi fundamentalist 'direct actions'.

Pro Whale multi national corporations like the cynically named 'Friends of the Earth' claim to be environmentalists, while actively supporting the ongoing genocide of squid and other native sea dwellers with a steady stream of press releases and fake 'expert' reports in support of the Whale. Meanwhile the wholesale global destruction of the plankton forest by these tyrannical and murderous war lords of the sea continues unabated, threatening the future of life on earth.

This is why the Kill the Whale (and save OUR planet) Campaign has been started to expose the lies and stop the extermination of life itself. It's the Whale or us. The clock is ticking towards the end of humanity, but YOU can help by making a donation or purchasing a Kill the Whale Tea Shirt or mug.

Ask your MP to support 'The Right to Whale Meat For All' Bill (2008) which would require supermarkets to stock whale meat, including burgers, at subsidised prices until full extinction has been achieved.

This piece is no reflection on James Whale the brilliant broadcaster (Talk Sport mon-thurs) who suggests at the next election everyone should vote out their own mp, ie sack the entire house of commons.


Anonymous said...

I think you may be CLUELESS and completely utterly retarded in thought process. Whales aren't driving SUV's Using aerosols Chopping down forests WASTING everything they possibly can.Poppin out sprogs 2 times a year and begging some one else to care for them. HUMANS just need to change their ways and stop acting like spoiled little assholes destroying everything they can and having 5 to8 babies that they expect the Government to pay for and take care of because they are too lazy to get off their backs to go to work and support their own offspring they decided to create.

schmoo said...

Thankfully whales are not driving SUV's - that really would cause a traffic congestion problem! Of course you are right about humans, but like so many well meaning people you fail to understand how nature works. Strangely a lot of people who 'care about the planet' fail to understand the laws of nature and prefer to indulge in a very sentimental view of nature while blaming humanity for everything. They forget that humans are part of nature too! The ugly SUV's are in fact as natural as snail shells, while the occupants are equally slimy (and often look like crabs).

The truth: All life (including Whales) is involved in an endless struggle for survival and world domination. Weeds grow, rats multiply and whales eat as much plankton as they can, regardless of the consequences to other life, and often to their own ultimate doom as the law enforcement forces of nature move in to restore order.

Humanity has been running riot for far too long it is true, but natural law abiding citizens of planet earth should support natural justice - not the self defeating policies of the green nazies who are mostly urban nest dwellers with less understanding of nature than the average slug.

GreenGirl39 said...

How could you say this?!!! One should not blame someone else for their actions! Whales are magnificent and beautiful creatures! We should not kill these wonderful animals! We are the ones who are driving SUVs and putting up factory after factory. This campaign MUST stop! It is outrageous!