Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'exercise safer city' : london councils to practice terror disaster

Above: Marking the fifth anniversary of 9.11 outside US Embassy in London this year. Over 50% of Americans now believe it was an inside job.

If you are in London tomorrow watch out; in an operation code named 'Exercise Safer City', 33 London councils are practicing disaster - despite the fact they are a disaster every day.

The exercise will also involve the emergency services, health agencies and government departments - so watch out, there could be a disaster!

Apparently in the exercise, civil servants and emergency service personal may receive a telephone, email or fax message which will start with the words 'Exercise Safer City'.


The civil servants will be asked to provide details of resources or services, and how long it would take for them to be made available - "errrr how about next week?"

Orders posted on council 'intranets' today say "No resources or services should be activated, moved or provided" - so it is business as usual.

Hopefully they will do better than in the 7/7 bombings, when despite having a practice involving a terror attack on the London Underground going on that very day , the emergency services left wounded passengers lying in darkness for hours.


Strangely there was also a 'terror attack' emergency practice going on in New York on 9.11. So watch out, tomorrow there is another 'practice' in London. Let's hope that is all it is.

Above: The very persuasive '9.11 was an inside job' film 'Loose Change 3' is to be shown at the prestigious 'Sundance Film Festival', and may also be shown on Channel Five TV in Britain. 'Loose Change 2' was to be shown at the 'Houses of Parliament', but the cowardly MP's backed out, and the event had to be cancelled.

A new 9.11 film 'Improbable Collapse' is rapidly going up the Google video charts (currently 68).

More 9.11 news & information at the ever growing '9.11 Truth Campaign'

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