Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a fate worse than madonna

Madonna lives a few blocks away from the 'schmoo safe house' and frankly she generally lowers the tone of the area (I prefer Paris Hilton), but I support her 100% regarding the African baby stealing charges.

I have had problems with Madonna in the past due to her not supporting the Congestion Charge, driving 4 wheel drive tanks around the area, wearing real fur, being mates with Bono, and just about everything,

Nevertheless Madonna has earned the right to save as many kids from Africa as she wants to buy; considering how much cash she has (£300 million and counting) it is obvious she can afford the child minders.

Madonna's £5.7 million London mansion is big enough for a whole African village. We just wonder how come she did not pick up twins while she was in Malawi - she can afford a double buggy.

I think Madonna will be a pretty good mum, and she will certainly be good for pocket money. Pity the step dad spends most of the time down the pub, but you can't have everything.

Those santimonious NGO so called 'charities' that are trying to stop her deserve nothing but contempt. They are obviously 'Politically Correct' hypocrites, wasting cash on court cases and driving around in their 4 wheel drives - while the people they are supposed to be helping go with out.

Seems all they want to do is hold on to as many victims of poverty as they can to make sure they get their grants from the World Bank. How sick can you get.

So welcome to Marylebone from Malawi David Banda - you have just avoided a fate far worse than Madonna.

Hopefully when you grow up you can do some good in the world, and not end up as a spoilt london 'rich kid' brat.

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