Monday, October 9, 2006

sack parliament 'riot' flop: real anarchists have manners

There was an utterly backwards thinking, miss guided, 'Sack Parliament' flop of an attempted so called 'direct action' outside Parliament today by a group of very stupid, bigoted people. They claim, with no justification what so ever, to be anarchists.


Thease so called 'anarchists' are an insult to true anarchist beliefs. Their pathetic threat to 'Sack Parliament' is closer to fascism than anarchy, being utterly anti democratic in it's intention. No wonder the anarchist movement in this country is so weak. Real anarchists take responsibility for their lives; most of these idiots call themselves anarchists, but sign on the dole (and think they can save the planet by not having baths). The anarchist movement had some support a few years ago, but then a 'macho' minority of people with serious personality defects took over. They squandered the mass support for freedom loving, peaceful political action, by acting out their childish 'anti authoritarian' hang ups on the streets, smashing windows, and putting out silly violence glorifying leaflets. They set back the anarchist movement at least a generation. Sadly thease fools are still around, but instead of thousands, now the most they can attract is a few dozen 'crustie' types. Pity the police for having to deal with thease unpleasent, spoilt, small minded brats. Thease people are not anarchists; real anarchists have manners.

Now they are moaning on 'Indymasocist' about how the police were nasty and mean to them - what do they expect after threatening to 'Sack Parliament'?


They say this is 'Direct Action' like it was the holy grail. Who gave them the right? Seems like they want to dissolve Parliament and set up an 'Anarchist Dictatorship'.

Thease people are not anarchists; anotherbunchoffascists more like.

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