Monday, October 16, 2006

veil over troubled waters

Above: Some wanker will probably want to kill me for this, but I find veils on women very sexy.

Above: The Quran does not say anyone should wear the veil - but Vogue magazine does.

Above: The Muslim men of the Taureg tribe in North Africa wear the veil.

Veil fact: Christians wore the veil way before the Muslims nicked the idea.


A lot of the people pontificating about the wearing of the veil are exposing in public their lack of knowledge. But Jack Straw, David Davis and others are right to voice their deeply held unfounded fears - so they can receive help. They should read 'The Veil & Veiling' educational web page which quickly demolishes the rampant myths about the veil which currently threaten social cohesion in Britain.

One good thing has come out of all this: with the Tories pretending to abandon their traditional right-wing racist bigot position, there was a real danger that their disillusioned racist bigot voters would join the National Front or UKIP on mass - but now they will all vote Labour.

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