Friday, October 20, 2006

iraq: bush says "war in vietnam is going badly" and plans bombing of cambodia

Above: It is easy to be cynical.

Just because a war is going badly does not mean it is wrong or that we should give up.

Hitler would have won the Second World War hands down if we had thought like that. Abandoning the Iraqi people to a bunch of fascist killers is out of the question.

That is why the 'Anti Iraqi People Coalition' is so sick - they claim to be 'left wing' but they want to cave in to fascists. One of their leaders, the appeaser with totalitarianism George Galloway, actually shook the genocidal killer Saddam Hussein's hand. No doubt he would have done the same with Hitler.

They should remember the Spanish Civil War in which thousands of people from Britain went to fight the fascists. The war was lost but that does not mean it was wrong.

They should remember the Second World War which was also a fight against fascism.


They should realize that the war in Iraq is part of the world war for raw materials with China; it is raging on 'hot' battle fronts in every continent.

Millions of people have already died. The Third world War is going on in Africa, Asia, South America - and the Middle East. Mostly China is winning. It is the first really 'globalised war'. It is a secret war no one wants to admit is going on.

China has concentrations camps. China does not believe in human rights. China executes 10,000 + people a year and sells their organs to rich westerners. China would put the whole 'Anti War Movement' in camps and execute all the SWP members and anarchists on mass. China is a totalitarian state. And the 'Anti War Coalition' wants to give up and with draw our troops?


The irony of that is that if those troops did come back - they would be used to stop the riots and possible civil war that would happen in Britain and the rest of Europe as the oil gets cut off and the food starts running out.

We would probally end up with a 'Chav Dictatorship' and someone like 'Posh Spice' in Buckingham Palace.


The 'Weapons of Mass Distruction' in Iraq is the oil - millions of peoples lives depend on it.

This is the most unpopular thing I have ever said but I believe it is true: I don't like him at all but Bush is right on Iraq. And Blair is right too. We have to win the war against fascism in Iraq - and we still can.

As for the 'Chav General' who wants to give up in Iraq because he does not believe democracy and the rule of law is worth fighting for - he should be removed as soon as it is possible without triggering a military coup in Britain. He is a serious danger to freedom and democracy - in both Iraq and Britain.

Watch this space. PS: I was born in Syria.

Treasure of Bagdad contacted 13 Iraqi Bloggers and asked them if the war was worth it. They were devided on the issue but worth a read if you want relief from the sickening 'Stop the War Coalition' rhetoric. (thanks to normblog via roadtoserfdom

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