Thursday, October 19, 2006

global warming causes nation wide cannabis shortage

Cannabis industry experts and cannabis users are complaining about a nationwide cannabis shortage which has been going on since mid June. They believe one of the main causes is global warming.

The hottest summer in Britain since records began caused catastrophic crop failures in thousands of 'grow rooms' through out Britain.

The 'grow rooms' use powerful lights to simulate the effects of the sun on the cannabis plants and create a large amount of heat. Normally this is only a problem because of the give away smell of 'skunk' created, but the added heat of the unexpected extreme weather caused 1000's of indoor harvests to fail.

Cannabis Jobs Threatened

Grow rooms work on an average 8 week cycle so production is now beginning to get back to normal, but the British cannabis industry has still not recovered 100%. The cannabis industry, which employs thousands of people, has also been hit by wild cat police strikes targeting factories all over the country which have caused further lay offs. Industry experts say hundreds of jobs are now under threat.

Operation Relentlessly Stupid

In Wiltshire the police have been running a campaign called 'Operation Relentless'. This has been dubbed 'Relentlessly Stupid' by locals due to the fact that the well intending police have been targeting cannabis grow rooms rather than the 'crack' houses which really do bring misery to families all over the country.

Unlike Paul McCartney I gave up smoking cannabis ages ago so I am not effected, but reports have come in from as far away as Scotland about the cannabis shortages. The greatest concern must be for the health of the thousands of medical cannabis users. Of course there is no shortage of adulterated 'soap bar' (fake 'cannabis') which is a highly dangerous substance - or dangerous, addictive drugs link alcohol, heroin, tobacco and cocaine.

Cannabis Down - Cocaine Up

Recently a survey has shown that cannabis use is down and cocaine use is up - yet another reason why cannabis should be legalised now.

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