Thursday, October 19, 2006

pregnant women ordered off coffee - it could make their children more freedom loving

American scientists have just warned pregnant mothers not to drink any coffee. They say tests in rats show that even very low doses of coffee given to pregnant rats made their offspring more active and less inhibited. Oh no, how terrible!

The scientist's experiments showed that the young rats (whose mums had been given less than one double expresso when pregnant), were more likely to explore new environments, and spent more time interacting with other animals. Oh no, how terrible!

These scientists obviously believe in the old Victorian maxim: "Children should be seen and not heard".

We have their colleagues to thank for the 'Scientific' development which has brought us 'Ritalan' the 'pharmaceutical cosh' drug for 'over' active children (i.e. they like to play, run about and annoy adults). This dangerous drug (a powerful form of 'speed' with many side effects) is now given to over 90,000 children in Britain.

This is going on despite the fact it is well known that the majority of hypoactivity problems are down to the huge amounts of sugar many children are given by their ignorant, brain washed, coca cola addict parents.

It seems the old Victorian saying has now been updated to: "Children should be drugged and not heard"

This is just another wonder of modern morons, not science.

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