Sunday, May 20, 2007

cannabis contamination: new warnings of 'grit weed' threat

The UK government website 'Public Health Link' has published a new public health update about cannabis contaminated with glass particles.

The report, which is aimed at General Practioners, hospital doctors and nurses follows earlier warnings to be on the lookout for associated health problems amongst cannabis smokers.

According to the latest information, contaminated cannabis is found in about five to ten per cent of herbal cannabis busted by cops in Britain.

The dreaded 'grit weed' is actually herbal cannabis or 'skunk', air blasted with tiny 'silicon' glass particles while it is still growing to make it heavier, and look like it has lots of THC 'crystals'.

The report says 'grit weed' has been found all over England and Scotland, but not yet in Wales, and none recently in Northern Ireland.

It is believed that criminal 'rogue grower' gangs in the Netherlands are responsible, and that the evil crooks are now using much finer glass particles which are harder to detect.

There is even a theory that the 'silicon petrol' crisis which effected thousands of cars in Britain recently may be linked to the silicon cannabis crisis.

The result of this deadly side effect of cannabis prohibition could be a National Health Disaster, mainly involving young people who love smoking weed.

As we have said before: the most dangerous thing about cannabis is cannabis prohibition.

If he really wants to prove himself as a trustworthy politician - Gordon Brown should legalise cannabis as soon as he gets in to No 10.

Another form of contaminated cannabis is known as 'soap bar' and has been around since about 1982. This is 'hash' from Morrocco, cut with animal tranquiliser (which is addictive, unlike cannabis). God only knows how many thousands have been poisoned by this product of cannabis prohibition. What is required is consumer protection for cannabis users, just like with any other product used by millions of people in Britain. And it should be taxed.

A man busted in Florida for growing 100 marijuana plants was called Jason STONER.


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