Monday, May 21, 2007

Inside MI5 - the threat to democracy?

A pod cast now available of a very interesting talk by Annie Machon, ex MI5 officer (and ex partner of MI5 whistle blower David Shayler), is worth checking out if you have a few moments spare.

Annie jokes that admitting you worked for MI5 is a bit like saying you are a member of AA, but personally I think we need MI5, and we need it to be free of corruption.

I think Annie Machon and David Shayler were very brave to speak out about some very bad practice in M15, and have been treated very badly by some on the 'left' who should know better.

Like all great whistle blower heroes, the two M15 officers both sacrificed their jobs and careers, plus any chance of a cosy life (in fact risked their lives), and risked their freedom (David Shayler actually had to do time), to do the right thing.

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