Sunday, May 6, 2007

global marijuana march: 14 held in moscow

Moscow police detained 14 marijuana march activists for attempting to hold a 'cannabis culture parade' in the city centre.

"The detainees attempted to stage an unauthorized event, and were promoting narcotics," a spokesperson for Moscow's Interior Department said, adding that administrative cases could be opened against them.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry's chief communications officer, Valery Gribankin, police had credible information that participants would use the rally to peddle drugs to members of the public.

Moscow's security chief, Nikolai Kulikov, said Friday the municipal government had rejected a request to allow "legalize marijuana" parades in the city this weekend and that any such rallies would be dispersed as unauthorized.

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• Canada: Halifax plus 15,000 rally in Toronto.

"You gotta roll with it" - Howard Marks in South Africa

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