Monday, May 21, 2007

U bend on Brown

Seeing Gordon Brown being heckled by a hysterical 'Lets Abandon the Iraqi People' campaigner made me realise I was wrong to slag him off a few days ago. He looks absolutely exhausted, and he has not even started yet. Meanwhile Tony Blair is looking great.

I am now worried for Gordon's physical health.

And anyone who has to put up with idiots like that vile woman, and do it so well, has my support.

What is so weird about these so called 'Peace Protestors' is how unpleasant and rude so many of them are.

Brian Haw for example is a very rude and selfish person indeed. Every time I have seen him, he has an air of repressed violence, and behaves like he needs to spend some time in a mental hospital.

You would have thought that a 'peace protester' would know how to make peace with the cops at Parliament after so many years, but the long suffering police people obviously despise Brian Haw, not because they are war mongers - but because he is so insufferably unreasonable and rude.

And when other demonstrators turn up to protest about other issues - he slags them off!

In other words, the guy is a total prat. If Britain really was a 'police state' as he keeps on saying, he would be rotting in a prison camp right now (if he was lucky).

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