Sunday, May 20, 2007

palestine, israel & lebanon: war against the fundamentalists

Today in Palestine, the Hamas extremists continued their pathetic and irresponsible rocket attacks on Israel which only damage their own cause, and put their own women and children in danger.

Now Israel is striking back with renewed vigor - and the BBC is reporting that Israel's cabinet has just backed plans to "intensify" Gaza operations in response to recent rocket attacks. They have every right to do so.

But no doubt we will have to listen to a lot of racist, anti Semitic, Holocaust denying crap from people who think they are supporting Palestinians by supporting Hamas when exactly the reverse is true.

Long Live Palestine - Long Live Israel.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, the Lebanese army has had to deal firmly with a load of al-Qaeda supporting religious fanatics and bank robbing criminals calling themselves 'Fatah Islam'. Good for the Lebanese Army! If they had done the same job on Hisbolla, half of Beirut would not now be in ruins.

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