Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rolling Stones to tour israel?

A false story is being spread on dodgy reactionary websites like 'Indymedia', that the Rolling Stones are going to be playing in Israel.

The story is being put about by the racist 'Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel' - and is 100% untrue, like all the rest of their anti Semitic propaganda.

But even if it was true it would be a good thing if the Stones played Israel. The Stones would probably also love to go to Palestine afterwards - except the place is too full of racist religious bigots at the moment to allow any good rock and roll.

These ignorant people who want to stop the Stones going to Israel (even through they are not going), are like the Nazi's in Hitlers Germany (although they are just well intending idiots). They are trying to stifle anything 'Jewish' or 'Israeli’, with what amounts to being an utterly racist cultural and academic boycott - but they claim to be anti racist! How racist can you get, banning academics just because of their race? These people are sick.

According to Indymedia's own rules, all racist posts should be deleted from the site - but of course the hypocrites are not doing so in this case despite protests.

Contact the racist supporters at Indymedia and tell them to stop helping to promote anti Semitic propaganda.

All musicians, artists and academics in the UK and elsewhere should unite against this type of ideological bigotry (or one day it could be happening to them).

It is good to see that Phil Collins has the guts to go to Israel (even though I can't stand his music).

Rolling Stones world tour details: currently the 'Israel Gig' is not even on the rumoured list.

Israel boycott by University and College Union is "Intellectually shoddy and politically biased"

• Statement by Lee C. Bollinger on British University and College Union Boycott

Long Live Palestine - Long Live Israel


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