Saturday, May 19, 2007

blair in iraq: the best prime minister in british history

As someone who was born in Syria, and has actually lived in Iraq (in Basra), and in other Middle Eastern countries including Lebanon, I think I have more right than many to comment on the situation in Iraq and to say with absolute certainty: "Blair did the right thing for Britain by supporting the Americans in the invasion of Iraq".

Ok, so some fanatical religious fundamentalists are doing pretty well murdering innocent Iraqi people with car bombs in cowardly attacks, trying to take the country back to the Dark Ages, supported by the totalitarian Iranian regime - does that mean we should give up supporting ordinary Iraqi people in their struggle for freedom?

Things were bad during Dunkirk - we did not give up fighting the fascists then, and we should not give up now.

Tony Blair is right; things are getting better for many people in Iraq, for example the Marsh Arabs, the Kurds, and ordinary Iraqis in many parts of the country. Yes there are problem areas, but even some of these are seeing improvements in security, and despite endless negative media reports, the truth is there are only a few areas with very serious problems.

However, even if things were not getting better and were getting worse; that's even more reason why we must keep on supporting the Iraqi people in their struggle against totalitarianism.

Who slags Tony Blair off the most? The right wing British press (which supported appeasement with Hitler, and campaigned against all the reforms brought in by New Labour); a Labour government threatens their interests and they want to destroy it. They want the Tories in power because then they can all feather their nests at the expense of ordinary working people in Britain, and get rid of things like the minimum wage, and massive investment in health & education.

You would not believe it reading the 'Daily Malice' or the 'Evading Standards'; Tony Blair is a hero in many parts of the world including many parts of Iraq.

And Tony Blair still has a lot of support in Britain, despite all the appalling insults he gets from the Tory Press, loud mouthed idiots, and so called 'left wingers'; they are so out of touch & confused they are not sure if they are living in the 18th century, 1968, or organising the Miners Strike against Maggie Thatcher.

It is not fashionable at all to say this right now, but there is no doubt about it: Tony Blair is the Best Prime Minister in British History.

And as for Jimmy Carter? No doubt about it; one of the worst, weakest, most useless wimp Presidents in USA History. How dare the 'peanut brain' loser that is Jimmy Carter insult Tony Blair!

Carter makes Bush look above average intelligent.

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