Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alexander Litvinenko russian murder extradition

Above: Itsu in Piccadilly, London.

You won't often hear this from your average self opinionated blogger, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the Alexander Litvinenko murder - except that 'itsu', the restaurant he famously went to, does very good take aways.

However I do wish we had the same extradition laws as Russia. The extradition deal we have with the United States is outrageous. Thanks to David Blunkett, who agreed one of the worst deals in British legal history, the Americans can more or less kidnap any British citizen, but Britain has almost no legal right to extradite US citizens - not even well known criminals like Dick Cheney and George Bush.

The Americans have already abducted the Nat West 3 who are now stuck in one of the worst places in the world apart from Baghdad - Houston, Texas.

Then there is Gary McKinnon who faces 70 years in the American gulag prison system, which is as bad, or worse than Siberia in Stalin's time, for a 'hacking' crime which might get you six months in Britain - if they could be bothered to prosecute.

In fact Gary is hardly a master hacker as the paranoid Americans claim - all he did was click into US government websites that should have been secure - but had been left wide open by some incompetent government geek.

Another case is Ian Norris ... and so it goes on. If they wanted they could come and take away your Grandmother for watching East Enders.

British Citizens are being dragged away in chains to a foreign country to face punishment far worse than would be given in Britain - that can't be right.

Britain needs an extradition law like in Russia - no extradition of British Citizens to any other country.

If another country has evidence against a British Citizen they can come here, and prosecute under British rules of Justice.

If there is evidence pointing to a Russian citizen being responsible, Britain should now go to Russia and demand justice in the Russian courts for the evil murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko.


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