Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prince Harry banned from Iraq - press to blame

Above: Poster from the Second World War 'Loose Talk Costs Lives' campaign.

So finally the Army has done the right thing and announced that Prince Harry will not be going to Iraq - for the moment.

The reason is obvious - the totally irresponsible British press put Prince Harry's proposed address in Basra on the front page, thus playing straight into the hands of the terrorists.

I would not be surprised if Robert Fisk of the pro terrorist propaganda sheet, the 'Independent', has not told Bin Laden which tent Prince Harry was going to sleep in.

Thanks to the British 'free press' constantly publicising Prince Harry's mission, his very presence in Basra would have put the lives of all the other British soldiers there in grave danger, especially those in the small area where everyone knew he was going.

Prince Harry's proposed posting should never have been made public in the first place - and then perhaps he could have gone to do the job he was trained for.

To his great credit the brave Prince had every intention of risking his life to support the establishment of a free society in Iraq.

Now thanks to pro enemy papers like the Independent, and their vile 'sister' paper the Daily Mail which supported Hitler's Nazi Party, the British Army has been weakened and the misogynist, homophobic, religious bigot, torturing terrorist murderers have been handed a propaganda victory on a plate.

The traitors and saboteurs in the British media should remember the slogan 'Loose Talk Costs Lives'. Millions of people died so we could have a free press - but not a press that gives away military information to the enemy.

Above: Another poster from a great collection of posters from the second world war warning against loose talk supporting the enemy.


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