Friday, November 17, 2006

babies for justice - groin revenge.

The irrepressible single parent mother, and founder of 'Babies for Justice' Birgit Cunningham, admitted in court today that she was "Guilty as hell" of kneeing Harry Nuttall, the father of her child, in the groin.

Harry Nuttall pays just £5 a week child maintenance!

Nuttall complained to the court that he suffered "swollen testicles", but he could have suffered a lot worse at the hands of his furious ex 'lover'. In March this year, Birgit Cunningham led a 'Babies For Justice' demo outside Downing Street with a placard reading 'Behead Dead Beat Dads'.

The 'riches to rags' ex 'it' girl who once dated Kevin Costner, started with a fortune but ended up on Housing Benefit after getting pregnant by, and being abandoned by, Harry Nuttall - whose father is billionaire Sir Nicholas Nuttall.

I said at the time that Cunningham's court case with Harry Nuttall could get nasty. I was proved to be right when Birgit kneed him in the groin - in the court.

However, just as I do not agree with executing Saddam Hussain, I think 'Beheading Dead Beat Dads' is too fundamentalist, although I love the slogan.

Nevertheless the punishment should fit the crime. Being kneed in the groin for Harry Nuttall seems only fair - after all he does seem to be a mean minded prick.

However the court thought differently and gave Birgit a 12 month conditional sentence. The court also ordered her to pay £60 - towards court costs not the 'Children in Need' appeal.

It seems that nowadays the norm in sexual relationships is 'serial monogonamy'. Even if they can stay together more than a few hours, most couples split up after a few years.

For the sake of the children - or the lawyers?

We need to rethink everything about the way the law treats the resulting mess when children are involved - usually it seems that the only people who benefit are the lawyers.

Babies for Justice.
Fathers For Justice.
Real Fathers for Justice.

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