Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Revolution in the Air: Blair's Speech Bombs despite brave performance by the Queen

Judging by the comments about the 'Queens Speech' on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' forum, the 'British Revolution' is just around the corner - and it will be bloody.


Sadly, I could find only one comment about the Queen's Speech that was in any way positive - and that was from one of the few people in the country who wants to buy an ID Card costing more than the price of the Freeview Box.

Will the Queen be forced to have an ID card? There was nothing in her speech about that.

As you might expect most comments were unoriginal and anti Blair. However as a monarchist I was glad to see (and surprised) how many people were sympathetic towards the Queen for having to read the speech. More than one person wished that she would dissolve Parliament. However I could not support such a mischievous and anti democratic plot. We are not Nepal, and I'm not that monarchist.

Presumably the people making these silly comments are all Tories wanting an early election. If their comments about the Queen's Speech on the BBC website are anything to go by it seems the Tories would win with a landslide - in their dreams. In the hopefully unlikely event of a Tory take over, it will be David Camercon's turn to be slagged off on 'Have Your Say'; his 'honeymoon' would be the shortest in history.

I did not see Blair and Camercon's performance today but apparently Blair won hands down (as usual).

David Cameron (Camercon) is like the almost useless windmill he has on his roof - he just goes round and round, but generates no real power.

The plan for the next year looks good; action on 'Climate Change, Law and Order, Pension Reform. Thease are all areas where real people (rather than professional hand wringers), want action - real action.


The most controversial issue is bound to be ID Cards and their expence. This could be Labour's 'Poll Tax Riot' if it is not handled a lot better than it has so far. A massive ground swell of opposition is developing.

For a start Gordon Brown should announce that ID cards will be free - with Nector points if possible. The alternative could be exactly the opposite of 'law and order'.

There is the smell of 'revolution' in the air - but it is the stench of death, destruction and mob rule, not liberation.

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