Saturday, November 4, 2006

climate change demo: global warming, global dimming

Above: The 'Climate Change March' going through Piccadilly Circus, Central London on it's way to a rally in Trafalgar Square. I became an environmentalist as a child when one day I was shocked to discover that the people leaving litter in the countryside where I lived were not naughty children as I had assumed - but nasty smelly adults.

Above: It was a beautiful day for a Climate Change Walk.

Above: Esso is as bad as Al Quaida (if not worse).

Above: You won't understand the truth about Climate Change and Global Warming until you understand Global Dimming - check it out. Basically things are much worse than you think.

Above: Actually I do not agree with this; cars are great - it is the unnecessary polluting engines that I don't like, and the problem with them is not sucking - it is belching. We don't need a 'Congestion Charge' against petrol and diesel fueled cars in our cities - we need an exclusion zone.

Above: Controversial statement: The main cause of global warming is increased solar activity. Aeroplanes are actually reducing the effects of global warming by leaving trails which help reflect the heat back into space.

Above: A packed Trafalgar Square - never seen the place so full.

Above: Frankly there is not much hope that humanity will be able to stop what is happening - the best we can do is prepare to attempt to survive the effects - like moving to higher ground, getting a boat, (or maybe a space rocket).

Above: Burning all the fossil fuels is just plain stupid - it is like using £20 notes to light a cooker. Even if it has little or no effect on the climate, it is obviously causing huge damage to human heath, to the natural environment, and to other life forms through the effects of pollution.

Above: I used to campaign against nuclear power, but now I think it is the best option. I also think Iran and other nations have the same right to use the technology as anyone else. They should be helped to achieve it in the safest way possible.

Above: Ok, I admit it, I am a fundamentalist: Just ban anything that burns petrol or diesel from our towns and cities - children and old people's lives are at stake.

Above: Did you check out Global Dimming?

Above: Did you check out Global Dimming?

Above: Did you check out Global Dimming?

George Monbiot Climate Change Demo speach outside US Embassy, London, 4th Nov 2006.

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