Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the charge of the congestion charge: ken livingston orders new attack on 4x4 tanks

Above: Ken Livingston the Mayor of london is to extend the Congestion Charge area to include the main areas for 'tanks' otherwise known as 'Chelsea Tractors' - Kensington and Chelsea. He has also has confirmed an increased £25 a day C-Charge on the obese sized vehicles from 2008 - or hopefully earlier he said.

Above: Nearly 20,000 of the gas-guzzler, polluting child killer 'tanks' have invaded London in recent years - setting up road blocks where ever they go.

Above: Most people think the congestion charge exists to stop traffic congestion - but the real reason is to stop lung congestion caused by the air pollution from cars.

Ken Livingston believes the congestion charge will be the main issue in the next mayoral election in May 2008 and a 'referendum' on his policy. This will be a referendum he will win with a landslide. The congestion charge has been a huge success - except for the despicable car and oil company lobby.

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