Sunday, November 5, 2006

'guy fawkes day', uk - 'saddam hussain day' iraq

"Hanging is too good for him - we should burn him" says one Iraqi quoted on the BBC. Today it is 'Guy Fawkes Day' in Britain - and 'Saddam Hussain Day' in Iraq.

Personally I am against the death penalty, even for President Bush who certainly has innocent blood on his hands, both Arab and American, (or Ted Haggard who might deserve it for 'Hypocrisy One'). Nevertheless, the spontaneous celebrations in Baghdad sparked by the announcement of the execution by hanging judgement against Saddam are understandable. He said he would prefer to be shot than be hung - so they decided to hang him.

Saddam Hussain gave up the right to govern his country when he started to murder and torture his own people. He turned it into a national industry. His girlfriend of 20 years left him when she discovered he was watching videos of his political enemy's being tortured.

How could the despicable George Galloway shake Saddam Hussain's hand? The other politicians to do this were Donald Rumsfeld - and Maggie Thatcher.

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