Sunday, November 12, 2006

remembrance day

Above and below: The real 'Anti War Coalition' marched through London today - members of the British Army Navy and Air Force as part of the Remembrance Day ceremony.

I am remembering all the idealists, poets, artists, writers, actors, journalists, film directors, communists, anarchists, musicians, comedians, good cooks and beautiful fun loving people, who have faught and died for freedom, against facism, and to establish peace.

Today is a day to remember those who have died fighting dictatorships and tyranny, especially in the First and Second World Wars, in the Spanish Civil War, and in the on going wars for freedom in Iraq and Afganistan and Palestine.


Jon Snow of 'Channel Four News' refuses to honor the war hero dead for some dubious 'politically correct' reason. It is not often he is wrong - but in this case he should be ashamed. Thease people died so he could be a trendy liberal leftie 'worthy journalist'. Like so may who should know better, Jon Snow has forgotten the phrase "Least We Forget".

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