Saturday, November 18, 2006

nationwide open

It is emerging today that Nationwide allowed a laptop computer with the personal details of millions of it's customers to be stolen - three months ago.

This follows the news that banks are routinely leaving their customers account details on the street, nicely wrapped up in black plastic bags, for identity theft 'executives' to remove for 'processing'.

Nationwides chief executive was on the BBC's 'Today' program this morning - failing miserably to argue that over 4 million people's details are not of any interest to ID thieves.


In the USA there have been a large number of similar 'data theft' robberies. Strangely there have been no increase in fraudulent thefts using the stolen ID information despite the massive security breaches. Some people are now suggesting that the culprits are in fact the security services, who are 'harvesting' the information to fill up their know it all 'Ask Big Brother' data base search engines ('Boogles').

Perhaps Nationwide is correct after all; their customers have absolutely nothing to fear - except perhaps being connected to a 'suspicious' purchase of a 'liquid' at 'Boots' the Chemist.

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