Saturday, November 11, 2006

'G-Wiz' direct action against climate change: buy a car

Above: The transport revolution starts here: the G-Wiz electric car - no parking tickets, no congestion charge, exempt from road tax, and no expensive fuel. Electricity charging costs are less than 1p a mile (which has been worked out to be about the same as 600 miles a gallon).

Above: The G-Wiz' electric car. Just £6,999, from the sole distributors London users will be able to save more than that (estimated £8000) in parking fees and congestion charges in one year. Finance deals are available costing from just £143 per month. With the London congestion charge area to be expanded in Febuary 07, the 'G-Wiz' is set to really live up to it's name.

Above: The G-Wiz will save between one and three tonnes of CO2 per year. Another advantage of the G-Wiz is it does not cause Asthma in children or old people - and no 'Oyster Card' required.

Ok there are disadvantages: the G-Wiz is really only good for urban travel as the maximum speed is 40 miles an hour, so you can't drive it on motorways. Ideal for going to the shops, taking the kids to school (carries 4). Users say it is not made as well as a Rolls Royce - a bit like the early Mini's (no rain forest wood interiors guaranteed.

In London are ready to bring a G-Wiz to where ever you live for a free 'no strings-no co2' test drive. Check their website or phone 020 8574 3232.

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