Monday, November 13, 2006

aquittal set back for bnp

Above: An example of British Nationalism.

Although many good people believe exactly the opposite, the acquittal of the racist leader of the 'British National Party' (BNP) for inciting racial hatred is good news.

In fact the goons in the BNP must have been preying to what ever dark demons they worship for a 'guilty' verdict. This would would have seen support for their brand of being very unpleasant people sky rocket.

What a set back for the BNP. First the BBC times their secretly filmed expose of how very ignorant and racist the BNP really are at exactly the right time; election time. This ruins the BNP's election chances by destroying their fake 'respectable' image, frightening off all the fascist old ladies who might have voted for them.

Then, the BNP expected a big boost by having their leader thrown in jail for a couple of months for saying what a lot of people think (even though it is totally untrue). But the Yorkshire jury pulls the carpet from under their feet, and finds him 'Not Guilty'. Brilliant! This was the last thing they wanted!

What is not so brilliant is Gordon Brown saying he wants to change the laws on Freedom of Speech to make sure that next time - the BNP get their martyr and the maximum support.


There are some on the left who sound very like the despotic Nazies they say they are against. They chant 'No Platform For Nazies' like zombies doing some kind of religious mantra - forgetting that the same rules would be applied to them.

The reason the BNP have done well in a few parts of the country is not that they have had the 'oxygen of publicity' - it is because corrupt local Labour Party officials in particular, and the 'decent' left in general have abandoned white working class people for trendy, 'pie in the sky' ideological babble.

Every other minority group has support groups and social workers running around for them, but especially in certain areas of the country, white working class people feel isolated and abandoned. True or not, they think they have no one supporting their interests at all. Not surprisingly they feel threatened.

Into this vacuum come racists and authoritarians like the BNP - and George Galloway's so called 'Respect' party offering to take up their cause. 'Respect' is almost as bad as the BNP - in the most disgusting and cynical way they have joined forces with right wing Islamic groups of the type that advocate throwing acid in the faces of women who do not wear the veil.


Who are the biggest recruiters for the BNP? It is in fact the likes of 'Respect', 'Channel Four News', the 'Stop the War Coalition', so called 'anarchists' (who smash windows), 'Independent' readers, and druggie 'Big Issue' seller types in the town center. These are the main recruiters for the BNP amongst white working class voters.

Just imagine the fuss if it was suggested that any of the above were denied a platform!

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